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Orthodontic treatment can be beneficial at any age and over 25% of today's orthodontic patients are adults. Braces achieve straight teeth for a beautiful smile no matter what the age. Because no two smiles are alike, no two orthodontic treatment programs are alike either. The benefit to you is not only a gorgeous smile, also healthy jaw joints.

The best orthodontists check the patients' jaw position to be sure braces are being used in the most effective manner. Otherwise, an orthodontic patient who is prone to jaw joint problems and airway bstruction may be thrown into TMJ and/or sleep apnea problems once the braces are in place or during/after the orthodontic process. Dr. Myint checks the jaw joint position BEFORE placing any braces to be sure they will work together to accomplish the goal without causing additional problems. Isn't it great to have a doctor who works with orthodontics and the jaw joint to be sure you aren't wasting your hard-earned dollars?

Sometimes orthodontia is also suggested as a finishing treatment after the TMJ is corrected. That is, once the jaw joint is stabilized, the braces hold the bite and jaws in the appropriate position.

There are all kinds of braces nowadays like invisible braces, colored braces (for kids/teens) and even gold braces that look like jewelry - rather than the old silver kind. Come in for a consultation appointment to see what orthodontic options are available to you!